Connect to your RaiderDrive in Windows Explorer

Follow the steps below to connect to your RaiderDrive.

NOTE: If you are off the TTU campus or connected through a wired connection in the TTU residence halls, you will need to establish a TTUnet VPN connection before beginning these steps.

STEP 1: Open the Run dialog box by following the step below for your operating system.

  • Windows XP: Click on the Start button and choose Run.

    example screenshot
  • Windows Vista or 7: Click the Start button, type "run" in the search box, and then click Run when it appears under "Programs".

    example screenshot

STEP 2: In the Run dialog box that appears, type the path for your RaiderDrive and click OK. Use the format \\\users\eRaider (where eRaider is your eRaider username).

example screenshot

STEP 3: If you are prompted for credentials, use your eRaider account information:

  • User name: ttu\eRaider, where eRaider is your eRaider username
  • Password: your eRaider password

example screenshot

A Windows Explorer window will now open to your RaiderDrive. You can now manage your RaiderDrive files just as you would manage files on your computer.