Map RaiderDrive to a drive letter in Windows

Follow the steps below to map your RaiderDrive to a drive letter.

NOTE: If you are off the TTU campus or connected through a wired connection in the TTU residence halls, you will need to establish a TTUnet VPN connection before beginning these steps.

STEP 1: Right-click on Computer and choose Map Network Drive.

example screenshot

STEP 2: Select a drive letter you wish to use. You can leave it on the default letter unless you have a specific need to change it.

In the Folder text box, type \\\users\your_eRaider_username.

Check the box labeled Reconnect at logon if you wish the drive to remain mapped after you shut down or restart your computer.

Click Finish.

example screenshot

Your RaiderDrive will open and be set up with a drive letter. You will be able to access files similarly to an internal hard drive or a USB flash drive.