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Scantron Grading and Testing Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get my Scantrons graded?

You can get your Scantrons graded on the first floor of the Computer Science building in the Northwest corner of the Engineering Key. 

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What are the hours of operation?

Normal hours for Scantron testing are from 8AM to Noon and 1PM to 5PM Monday through Friday. Extended testing hours are available during finals. Extended hours are 8AM to 8PM Monday through Friday and for finals occurring on a Saturday, we're open from 10AM to 4PM. We are open through the lunch hour only during finals.

What is a CRN and where can I find it?

The CRN is the five digit course request number assigned to every course offered in each department. It replaced the 4-digit Department Number, 4-digit Course Number and the 3-digit Section Number. You locate the CRN by logging on to www.raiderlink.ttu.edu click on the Raiderlink portal and then on the faculty/advisor tab.

Does the CRN change for each semester?

The CRN for a department/course/section is different for each term.

What other Scantron do I need when submitting my test for grading?

After administering your test, you need a KEY, WEIGHT and TRAILER sheet. The Key sheet has the correct answers and must have the CRN bubbled in for the for the class you tested. Please have all this completed when bringing your tests to be graded. Failure to do so delays the processing of your tests, especially during mid terms and finals.

Can I use my key from last semester?

We prefer that you do not reuse your old key sheet. The scanner hardware may sense an erased bubble and will reject the file. Although your test(s) will be graded and the results printed, the system will not recognize the CRN and will reject it and delay the processing of the file.

Which Scantron sheet do the options go on?

All options chosen must be on the Key (answer) sheet. You may use more than one option on your key. These options are labeled A through H.

How do I complete the key, weight and trailer?

Once your answers are bubbled on the key and your options have been chosen, please complete the section labeled "Sheet Type" located at the bottom of each Scantron. The KEY is sheet type A, WEIGHT is sheet type W and the TRAILER is both A and W.

Can there be more than one answer per question?

No, however, there is an option (B) to have the test graded in two different forms. For this, the student must mark which form of the test questions are being used.

How do I omit a question(s) from being graded?

In the area to the right of  "OPTIONS" on the KEY sheet, leave the "A" blank. On the WEIGHT sheet, mark a weight for each question you wish to grade leaving blank the weight of the question(s) that is not to be graded. This will eliminate the question(s) from being graded.

What does the equal weight option (option A) mean?

The Weight sheet determines the point value of each answer, from one to five points. If you want the answers to be given equal weight, mark Option A on the Key sheet. This option equally weights the questions. For example: bubble 2 makes all questions worth two points per question. Equal weight means that if there are 10 questions, based on a 100 point scale, all questions will be worth 10 points. If there are 50 questions, then each correct answer is worth two (2) points.

How do I give different points per questions?

On the KEY sheet, leave the equal weight option (A) blank . On the Weight sheet, bubble the desired weight for each question to have. Each question will need a weight value. The maximum value for a question is 5.

Does the system grade with fractions?

No. The system will only grade with whole numbers. Fractions are part of a percentage, i.e. if seven questions are answered, the point value is worth 14.3 per correct question for the raw score, which is rounded to the nearest whole number. In this case, the percentage score will be more accurate.

What does "ALTERNATE FORM" (option B) mean?

An alternate form allows for seven different grading options with only a combination of two used for testing. An example would be Method 1 of the alternate form: Direct Reversal. This method reverses the order of the 1 through 12 questions with Form 1 equal to the answers based on the Key sheet, Form 2 based on the reverse order of the answers on the Key sheet. The student needs to have the correct test question sheet with the appropriate form number bubbled. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION IF YOU HAVE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE TEST.

Can I combine multiple section tests and use one Key to grade the tests?

Yes, you may combine multiple CRNs. Only one KEY sheet is used to grade your test. Ensure all CRNs are listed on the download sheet for the combined tested sections.

What is the difference between using an Excel format and text format for downloads sent via e-mail?

The Excel format is easier to use when trying to post grades. It allows you to cut, sort and columnize an emailed file. A text file cannot be manipulated, sorted or columnized.

Who do I contact for testing instructions?

Call (806) 742-2900. At certain times of the semester (mid-semester & finals), test processing is extremely busy. If you know you will be using our free service, visit with us before the semester begins. We can send you information on the Test Evaluation System via campus mail but with all instruction, personal interaction confirms you understanding of the process.