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TTUnet VPN Setup in Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

Please print out these instructions and follow the Steps on your computer.

Step 1:  Verify that your TTU Active Directory Account is Active:

  1. Go to https://eraider.ttu.edu and sign in using your eRaider username and password.
  2. Under Active Directory Information, verify that your TTU\username (e.g. TTU\jdoe) is set to "Active."

Step 2:  Configure your VPN client:

NOTE: Please DO NOT make any other changes to your configuration than those specified in these instructions.

Step 1:  

Access System Preferences by choosing it from the Apple menu.

Step 2:  

Click Network.

Step 3: 

Your preferences may be locked to prevent unwanted changes.  If so, click the lock in the bottom left corner of the window, then type an administrative password.

Step 4: 

If you have an existing connection configured for TTUnet VPN you will probably want to remove it before adding the new connection.  Click the existing connection once in the left-hand menu to select it, then click the minus sign to remove it.  (If you do not have an existing TTUnet VPN connection, skip to Step 6.)

Step 5: 

Click Apply.

Step 6: 

Click the plus sign in the bottom left corner to add a new connection.

Step 7: 

Select VPN as the Interface.

Step 8: 

Select L2TP over IPSec as the VPN Type.

Step 9: 

Type a Service Name to represent this connection.  This can be any name of your choosing, such as TTUnet VPN.

Step 10: 

Click Create.

Step 11: 

Type vpn.ttu.edu as the Server Address.

Step 12: 

Type your eRaider username (i.e. jdoe) in the Account Name field.

Step 13: 

Click Authentication Settings.

Step 14: 

Type your eRaider password in the Password field.

Step 15: 

In the Shared Secret field, type TTUnetVPN.  This is case sensitive..

Step 16: 

Click OK.

Step 17: 

Ensure that Show VPN status in menu bar is selected.

Step 18: 

Click Apply.

Step 19: 

Click Advanced.

Step 20: 

Under Options, ensure Send all traffic over VPN connection is unchecked.

NOTE: Leave the box checked if you plan to access TTU online library resources, or to access both TTU and TTUHSC resources (such as shared calendars).

Step 21: 

Click the Proxies button, and ensure that Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV) is unchecked. Click OK.

Step 22: 

Click Apply to save all of the settings.

Step 23: 

Press Command+Q on your keyboard or choose Quit System Preferences from the System Preferences menu.