The TTUnet wireless network provides enhanced communications for mobile devices.  It allows for secure connections to TTUnet and the Internet. Wireless technology is not as reliable as a wired network and should only be used to enhance mobile communications for laptops and other mobile devices.

Instructions for connecting may be found below:




The TTU IT Division, in partnership with the Student Government Association (SGA), have provided the following information as a courtesy to the TTU community. The TTU IT Division does not officially endorse or provide support for the product/information below. Please contact the Texas Tech Linux Users Group (LUG) for further assistance.


General Settings:

If specific instructions do not exist for your operating system or wireless adapter software, you can use the settings below when attempting to connect to the TTUnet wireless network.

When prompted for user credentials, use the following:

Click here to access the TTUnet Wireless Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NOTE:  IT Help Central has developed and tested instructions on specific operating systems and specific network interface adapters.  Due to compatibility issues with untested wireless operating systems and wireless adapters, IT Help Central cannot guarantee every device will be able to gain access to the wireless network.  We are available to assist with limited troubleshooting if you are unable to get your mobile device connected  View the FAQ for more information.