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Windows Mobile 5.0 Setup

Note: Before following the instructions below, please ensure that you have an active TechMail mailbox by following these instructions.

Getting Started
Instructions for Wired ActiveSync
Instructions for Wireless ActiveSync
Known Issues
Resetting your Windows Mobile Phone
Mobile Push Mail


Getting Started

Note: Do NOT connect your Windows Mobile Device until prompted.

  1. Insert your "Getting Started" CD.
  2. Next, install ActiveSync on your PC by following the instructions on screen.
  3. Follow the Sync Setup Wizard, then do one of the following:

    1. Create a synchronization between your PC and device using a Wired or Wireless ActiveSync.
    2. Configure an Exchange Server connection to sync directly with the Exchange Server.

Cingular 8125: User Manual for the Cingular 8125 (Please Right-Click, and choose Save As)

If Data Service isn't provided through your cell provider (EDGE or GPRS), you can utilize the internal wireless.  Directions for setup can be located here: Windows Mobile 5.0 Wireless Setup


Instructions for Wired ActiveSync

Step 1:  After Installing ActiveSync from your "Getting Started CD", plug in your Windows Mobile Device.

Step 2:  Once the device is detected, ActiveSync will launch and connect to your device.  The setup wizard with launch, click Next.

Step 3:  Make sure the following box is checked: "Synchronize directly with a server running Microsoft Exchange Server. To do this now, you will need to have the server address and your logon credentials." Click Next.

Step 4:  Enter the following information in the boxes provided, then click Next.

Step 5:  On the following screen, you will be able to choose the items that you wish to sync with your Windows Mobile Device.  After checking the appropriate boxes, click Next.

Step 6:  You should now see the, "Completing the Pocket PC Sync Setup Wizard". Click Next.

Step 7:  The next screen should show your device synching. After synchronization completes, click Finish.



Instructions for Wireless ActiveSync

Step 1:  Click Start -> Programs


Step 2:   Tap on the ActiveSync icon.


Step 3:  In this window click "set up your device to sync with it."


Step 4:  Enter mail.ttu.edu as the Server address.  Make sure the "This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection" box is checked.  Click Next.


Step 5:  Enter the following information, then click Next.  If you would like your password saved, check the "Save password box.
  • User name: Your eRaider Username
  • Password: Your eRaider Password
  • Domain: TTU 


Step 6:  Check or Uncheck the data you want to synchronize.  Tap Finish at the bottom right of the window.


Step 7:  Tap on Sync at the bottom of the window


Step 8:  If everything was entered correctly, you should see the "Synchronizing" screen at the right. 


Step 9:  To sync on your PC, open ActiveSync and click the "Sync" icon.



Known Issues

Issue 1:

Data lost when using ActiveSync on more than one computer:

It is recommended that only one computer is used to sync your Windows Mobile Phone.  Using more than one computer can result in data loss.

Issue 2:

Synching over USB fails, but synchronizing through the air works.  Error: The request has timed out." The error code is 80072EE2.

:  Clearing your proxy setting under Start -> Settings > Connections Tab -> Connections Icon -> Manage existing connections -> Proxy settings tab -> Make sure “This network connects to the Internet” is selected and that “This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet” is Unchecked.  Unplug the device and test synchronization with exchange.  Next, Plug the device in and ActiveSync will start to work.

Also be sure to check your Windows XP SP2 firewall to allow exceptions.  To check you firewall settings go to Control Panel -> Windows Firewall.  In the "Exceptions" tab, make sure the 4 exceptions below are allowed:

  • ActiveSync Application
  • ActiveSync Connection Manager
  • ActiveSync RAPI Manager
  • ActiveSync Service


Resetting your Windows Mobile Phone

Note: These instructions are specifically for the Cingular 8125.

Occasionally you may need to reset your Windows Mobile Phone. A normal (or soft) reset of your device clears all active program memory and shuts down all active programs. This can be useful when the device is running slower than normal, or a program is not performing properly. A soft reset is also necessary after the installation of some programs. If a soft reset is performed when programs are running, unsaved work will be lost.

You can also perform a hard reset (also known as a full reset). A hard reset should be performed only if a normal reset does not solve a system Issue. After a hard reset, the device is restored to its default settings — the way it was when you first purchased it and turned it on. Any programs you installed, data you entered, and settings you customized on the device will be lost. Only Windows MobileTM software and other pre-installed programs will remain.

To perform a software reset

Option 1:

  • Tap Start -> Settings -> Clear Storage. (This has the same effect as a hard reset.)

Option 2:

  • Use the stylus to lightly press and hold the RESET button on the left side of your device for 2 seconds. The device restarts and displays the Today screen.

To perform a hard reset



Mobile Push Mail

The Mobile Push Mail feature is available on new versions of the Cingular 8125.  If your Cingular 8125 was purchased before August 1st, 2006, you may need to download the "Push Mail" update.

Caution: This update will DELETE ALL applications, data and settings on the device.  Backup all information of PC or storage card before installing this upgrade.