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Connect to TTUnet using WPA2 with Intel PROSet

STEP 1: Open the Intel PROSet Utility. (This can be done by double clicking on the icon in the system tray, or going to: Start -> All Programs -> Intel PROSet Wireless -> Intel PROSet Wireless)

STEP 2: Click Help -> About and check the version of the software. If the version is below 10 the software will need to be updated.

STEP 3: Click the Profiles button.


STEP 4: If TTUnet is already listed, select it and click Remove. Then click Add.


STEP 5: Enter the information listed below and click Next.


STEP 6: The software may attempt to automatically detect the Security Settings. After it is finished click Next.


STEP 7: Enter the following information for Security Settings.


STEP 8: Click Cisco Options and ensure that all of the following boxes are checked. Then click OK. This will return you to the previous window.


STEP 9: Click Next to open the PEAP Server section. Fill out the following information and click OK.