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Troubleshooting TTUnet Wireless Connections in Leopard

If you experience the following symptoms, please try the solution below:

  • You have properly configured your computer to connect to the TTUnet wireless network using Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. However, the computer will not automatically recognize the network and connect successfully.

STEP 1: Click the AirPort icon in your menu bar and make sure AirPort is turned on. If not, click Turn AirPort On.

STEP 2: Click the AirPort icon in your menu bar and choose Join Other Network.

STEP 3: Type the following information and click Join:

  • Network Name: TTUnet
  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise
  • User Name: your eRaider username
  • Password: your eRaider password
  • 802.1X: Automatic
  • Remember this network: checked

STEP 4: If you receive an error such as See administrator, continue to click Join until your computer eventually connects to TTUnet.

STEP 5: You may be prompted to verify the TTUnet wireless certificate. If so, click Show Certificate. If you are not prompted, skip to Step 8.

STEP 6: Check Always trust "802.1X.ttu.edu". Click Continue.

STEP 7: Type the administrative credentials for your Mac OS and click OK to continue.

STEP 8: When prompted for 802.1X Authentication, type your eRaider username and eRaider password. Click OK.


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