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Troubleshooting TTUnet Wireless Connections in Leopard

If you experience the following symptoms, please try the solution below:

STEP 1: Click the AirPort icon in your menu bar and make sure AirPort is turned on. If not, click Turn AirPort On.

STEP 2: Click the AirPort icon in your menu bar and choose Join Other Network.

STEP 3: Type the following information and click Join:

STEP 4: If you receive an error such as See administrator, continue to click Join until your computer eventually connects to TTUnet.

STEP 5: You may be prompted to verify the TTUnet wireless certificate. If so, click Show Certificate. If you are not prompted, skip to Step 8.

STEP 6: Check Always trust "802.1X.ttu.edu". Click Continue.

STEP 7: Type the administrative credentials for your Mac OS and click OK to continue.

STEP 8: When prompted for 802.1X Authentication, type your eRaider username and eRaider password. Click OK.