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Connect to TTUnet Wireless Using Mac OS 10.3 (Panther)

You must have a wireless adapter and OS 10.3 installed on your computer before you can use these instructions.  Also, confirm the latest driver for your wireless adapter is installed.

STEP 1: Open Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Internet Connect.


STEP 2: Create a new 802.1X connection by going to File -> New 802.1X Connection.


STEP 3: Select Edit Configurations from the Configuration drop-down menu.


STEP 4: Select the following connection settings, then click OK.


STEP 5: Click Connect to sign in using your new configuration.


STEP 6: Type your eRaider username and password, then click OK.


STEP 7: Once the system has authenticated you, you will receive a dialog for security certificates. Click on Accept all. You may have to do this more than once.


STEP 8: Once you have accepted the certificates, the sign-in process will complete, and a dialog will show that you are connected via PEAP at the bottom of the 802.1X connection window.