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Connect to TTUnet Wireless with Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)


STEP 1: Click on the AirPort icon and select Turn AirPort On if it is available.

STEP 2: Click on the Airport icon and select TTUnet.

STEP 3: Input the following in this dialog and click OK.

STEP 4: When connecting to the TTU Wireless Network, you will be prompted to accept a certificate from 8021x.ttu.edu. Click Continue.

STEP 5: You will be prompted for your local computer account username and password. Input the information and click OK.

STEP 6: Click on Airport icon and select Open Network Preferences.

STEP 7: Select Airport.

STEP 8: Click Advanced button.

STEP 9: Select the 802.1X tab, and select your User Profile. Under Authentication, uncheck TTLS and TLS.

STEP 10: Click OK.

STEP 11: Click Apply.

NOTE: Your eRaider Username and Password will be saved with this set up. When you change your eRaider password, you must change the saved password in the 802.1X configuration.

Your computer should be connected to the TTUnet wireless network.

NOTE: If the system does not connect, please gather the following information by clicking on the Apple Icon -> About this Mac and clicking More Information.  Then contact IT Help Central by phone at (806) 742-4357 or by emailing ithelpcentral@ttu.edu.