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Connect to TTUnet Wireless Using Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger)

You must have a wireless adapter and OS 10.4 installed on your computer before you can use these instructions. Also, confirm the latest driver for your wireless adapter is installed.

STEP 1: Verify that AirPort is turned on. Click on the AirPort icon in your menu bar and select Turn Airport On to be sure.


STEP 2: Launch Internet Connect by clicking the AirPort icon in your menu bar and selecting Internet Connect.


NOTE: You can also launch Internet Connect from the Applications folder in Finder.


STEP 3: Select New 802.1X Connection from the File menu.


STEP 4: On the Configuration drop-down menu, select Edit Configurations.


STEP 5: If you have an existing configuration for TTUnet, select it and click the minus sign in the bottom-left corner to remove it.

STEP 6: Click the plus sign to add a new configuration. A new window will open to create the new configuration.


When you are finished, click OK to save your configuration.

STEP 7: Now that you have completed your configuration, click Connect.


STEP 8: If a dialog window appears for you to input user information, input your eRaider Username and eRaider Password in the appropriate fields and click OK.


STEP 9: After you connect for the first time, a Verify Certificate dialog window will appear. Click Show Certificate.


STEP 10: Check the box Always trust these certificates and click Continue.


STEP 11: Once you have trusted the server certificates, you should be successfully connected. The status of the connection will be shown.