Symantec AntiVirus

Site License Information

  • Name: Symantec AntiVirus
  • Eligible Users: TTU, Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Operating System(s): PC, Mac
  • TTU Price: Free eRaider download or purchase at the ATLC Main for $3 (cash or check only)
  • Learn more at the official website

How to Obtain and Other Information

Symantec AntiVirus EndPoint Protection for desktops and file servers offers scalable, cross-platform virus protection and centralized policy management. Centralized management from a single console allows IT managers to lock down policies that keep systems up to date and properly configured, fully protecting users at all times.

Version 11 of Symantec EndPoint Protection is available for all Windows operating Systems. Norton version 11 is available for the Macintosh.

The 32-bit version of Symantec Endpoint Protection can be downloaded from the eRaider website for free or purchased in the ATLC Main Facility.

Licensing Notes

Symantec AntiVirus includes the following systems for students:

  • Microsoft Vista
  • Windows 9x, 2000, XP, and NT
  • Windows 3.x

The following additional systems are available to faculty and staff:

  • NT Server
  • NetWare
  • Management Tools

In addition, Symantec allows one copy of the licensed software to be installed on an employee's home or portable computer.

This agreement does not include students or employees of Health Sciences Center.

Rules related to this Agreement:

  • Do not give Faculty/Staff versions of the software to students.
  • Do not copy CDs for students under any circumstances.
  • Do not call Symantec for technical support. This agreement does not include technical support.
  • Do not loan or give your friends or relatives your CDs to install on their computers. This is a direct violation of the agreement, and you could be held personally liable.

For questions about software site licenses, please contact Technology Support Licensing.