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Summer Session I

June 8–27th, 2014

ART 4330-301 Ceramics Watkins 26893
ART 5330-301 Grad Ceramics Watkins 26894
“Creating Your Visions”
From beginners through master level students, this course offers an opportunity to work with outstanding internationally recognized ceramicists using both hand and wheel work with traditional and non-traditional firing techniques. Open to beginners through master students.
ART 4099-001 Glassblowing Rynearson 35322
ART 5305-001 Grad Glassblowing Rynearson 35323
“Too Hot To Handle”
Learn hot glass blowing techniques from an energetic group of master glassblowers. From the first time glassblower to the student wanting to stretch their technique, this class brings the best elements of glassblowing to you.
ART 5100-097 Visual Studies Check June 8 - 13 26899
ART 5100-098 Visual Studies Akins June 15 - 20 26900
ART 5100-099 Visual Studies Akins June 22 - 27 26901
“The Nature of Place”
Examine the influence and inspiration of place on the pedagogics of creativity. A thorough and yet fun adventure into discussions and art reflecting the unique perspective of each student as well as the opportunity to work with excellent educators as your guide.
ART 4322-301 Solar Powered Painting Flueckiger 35314
ART 5322-301 Solar Powered Painting Flueckiger 35554
“Nature & Image”
Wild, tame, human...what is nature? How do we use it in the painting studio? Whether you set up an easel plain air style to paint the landscape, use the sun to print prairie grass into your canvases, explore the human spirit or ponder the relationship between screen time and collective consciousness, nature is always there. This class measures our studio techniques against the backdrop of nature and the infinite forms it can take in terms of both form and content.

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