Texas Tech University

Junction Intersession 2016

May 18th – June 2nd, 2016

ZOOL4421 Herpetology Densmore 35542/35543
ZOOL6321 Adv. Herpetology Densmore 20136/20158
COMS2311 Rhetoric in Western Thought Langford 37596
COMS6304 Grad. Rhetoric in Western Thought Langford 37597
NRM 3407 Vegetation and Wildlife Inventory and
Analysis Techniques
ENGL3351 Creative Writing – Fiction Cortese 25580
GEOG3335 Field Geography Lee 37558
GEOG5304 Adv. Field Geography Lee 37559
PHOT 4300 Photography Foster 20201
PHOT 7000 Grad. Photography Foster 25578
ZOOL4406 Mammalogy Bradley 20207/20256
ZOOL5402 Adv. Mammalogy Bradley 29767/29768
ZOOL4408 Ornithology Skipper (ASU) 20242/20211
ZOOL5408 Adv. Ornithology Skipper (ASU) 20271/20288

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