Texas Tech University

The Outdoor Academy

The Outdoor Academy is a key program at The Outdoor School. The Outdoor Academy provides students with a two to four day hands-on residential experience. Students and classroom teachers stay on campus and experience a week filled with integrated science curriculum. All instruction is provided using hands-on, real world experiences. The students become scientists, gaining curiosity and using ideas of their own to accomplish required tasks.


Every moment is a teachable moment at The Outdoor Academy. Besides covering TEA required TEKS, students will take control of keeping their dorm neat, setting tables at meal times, and using manners and proper etiquette. The students will learn the 3C's: Communication, Cooperation and Commitment as well as teambuilding skills that will prepare them for real life situations.

The Outdoor Academy not only teaches the students, it also provides professional development for the classroom teacher. Teachers earn SBEC credit for attending and participating in outdoor activities.

Teachers will also receive additional resources that they may use in their classrooms to enhance and/or build upon what was learned at the Outdoor School.

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