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Since 1993, TTU K-12 has had the honor of being a part of our student's stories. We don't take that lightly. You're a part of our global family, and our family portrait consists of children and teenagers from all walks of life, ranging from part-time to full-time students. We've pretty much seen it all, from homeschoolers, actors, dancers, musicians, world champion athletes, students living abroad, military families, homebound, and various others who make up our distance learning community.

From Olympic figure skaters to three brothers who sail around the world, our students are as unique as our program. Students just like you.

We are always excited to learn more about our students and tell their stories. If you are a current or former TTU K-12 student, we invite you to share your story with us.

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The Gonzales Twins

June 22, 2018

Texas twins Daniel and Joshua Gonzales moved to Mexico at age 11 with their missionary parents, and the schools – both public and private – weren't an option for the boys. Now the young men are TTU K-12 graduates and students at Texas Tech University.

Austin Chatfield

June 8, 2018

Eighth-grader tirelessly works to perfect his skills to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Taking courses through TTU K-12 Middle School allows him more time to practice and perform.

Karyme Renteria

May 23, 2018

First-generation college student, Karyme Renteria, receives TACS/TTU K-12 Scholarship.

Bruno Helmer

May 18, 2018

Bruno Helmer, a TTU K-12 alumnus, is graduating from Texas Tech University.

Ryan Almusawi

April 30, 2018

Ryan Almusawi, a TTU K-12 senior, started a nonprofit in the sixth grade.

Presley Duyck

April 6, 2018

Broadway-bound student, Presley Duyck, owes much to TTU K-12.

Christopher Chapman

March 8, 2018

Christopher Chapman is earning his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at Idaho State University, by way of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Texas cities of Houston and Midland — and TTU K-12.

Brazil and Business

Nov 17, 2017

Former TTU K-12 students from Brazil participate in the Rawls College of Business Red Raider Startup event.


Oct 09, 2017

TTU K-12 allows a family of five to sail the world, meet the Reindeer People and walk the Great Wall.

Making a Difference Through Music

Sep 25th 2017

TTU K-12 student, Madison McWilliams, is quickly rising through the world of pop music.

Singapore Student Receives Scholarship

Sep 15th 2017

TTU K-12 student makes a big move to come study at Texas Tech University.