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Lynn Chan

Lynn Chan

Singapore Student Receives Scholarship

TTU K-12 student makes a big move to come study at Texas Tech University.

by Lucy Worley

September 15, 2017

TTU K-12 offers an education that reaches around the world. In Lynn Chan's case, her journey has brought her from being a TTU K-12 student living in Singapore all the way to Lubbock, Texas to attend Texas Tech University.

After completing her last two years of high school level work with TTU K-12 in preparation to study at an American university, Lynn is now a college freshman at Texas Tech. A recipient of the TTU K-12 Scholarship, Lynn is prepared and excited for her first year of college.

“It is very exciting to be here at Texas Tech. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful,” said Lynn after her first week on campus.

Lynn observed that coming to Lubbock was a big change from home.

“I miss the big city aspect of Singapore. However, the trade off is that Lubbock is so welcoming and kind. For example, when I arrived here, there were Americans at the airport to pick me up and bring me to campus. They were so nice and have even introduced me to their families.”

Lynn said that she feels well prepared for studying at the university level due to her time in the TTU K-12 program.

“The schoolwork I did in TTU K-12 was really similar to what I am experiencing here. The program expects you to take responsibility for your own work which is like a college class. It is hard in the sense that you have to take the initiative to read alone and on your own a lot. But then, its easier because you can go at your own pace. You do not have to worry about a teacher going too fast,” said Lynn.

As far as her studies for the future, Lynn is currently undeclared but is leaning towards studying with the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech.

Not all TTU K-12 students come to Texas Tech, but many just like Lynn come every year to continue on their journey as Red Raiders. Due to recruitment and scholarship opportunities, a high school diploma is just the beginning for TTU K-12 student.


Lynn Chan

Lynn Chan at Texas Tech University.