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When it comes to a student's education, TTU K-12 staff understand that parents can't always prepare for everything, and they shouldn't have to. That's where the academic advisors come in. Year-round, TTU K-12's academic advisors help guide students through their chosen programs and prepare them for their eventual graduation. From beginning to end, academic advisors ensure that students are on the most direct path to achieving their academic goals.

With an ever-growing career in instructing students, few are as accomplished as Senior Academic Advisor Brenda Shupe. Brenda was an elementary teacher for 31 years before retiring. After retiring, she served as a financial aid and academic advisor with Wayland Baptist University for seven years. During her time as an advisor, Brenda had the opportunity to influence and encourage both students and future teachers. We asked her what led to her decision to become an educator:

"My dad was an educator, and I admired him so much. He made a lifelong impact on his students and athletes. I still run into people that he taught and coached that express what a difference he made in their lives."

Brenda also spoke about what persuaded her to join the TTU K-12 community:

"Five years ago, this advisor position provided me with the opportunity to return to the K-12 setting and continue utilizing my counseling degree to help students and parents navigate the online educational experience."

Brenda has been part of the TTU K-12 community since 2013. Her responsibilities include talking to incoming students and parents, evaluating transcripts, writing recommendation letters and providing students with materials to enroll in courses. She believes that the most satisfying aspect of her work, however, is having the opportunity to guide and nurture students through their journeys.

Her role provides her the opportunity to personally interact with students and families, allowing her to more deeply connect with every student she advises. Her hope for the future is that TTU K-12 will continue to grow worldwide as more and more students enroll.

Her advice to students is:

"Realize the possibilities, and don't ever limit yourself. Always see mistakes as learning opportunities."



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Senior Academic Advisor 
Brenda Shupe
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