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Living and Continuing the Tradition

By Joshua Blount, Editor

It isn't enough to simply say that Red Raiders are one-of-a-kind. More than most, Red Raiders exemplify leadership, service and certainly a love for their school. Teachers, staff and students share these traits and help make the university what it is today. Senior Academic Advisor Christie Eaker exemplifies what it means to be a Red Raider and helps guide new Red Raiders through their education at TTU K-12.

After her daughter was born, Christie was motivated to help mold young minds and decided to pursue a degree and career in education. She earned her degree from Texas Tech and served as a public school teacher for 17 years, teaching 4th and 5th grade students as well as ESL students. After educating the youth of her Lubbock community, Christie decided to join the TTU K-12 community where she would have the opportunity to serve students around the world. "I get to work with students all over the world to help them with their education," Christie said. "I love the fact that my alma mater helps young people get their high school diploma. Many of the students we work with would not be able to obtain their diploma if it were not for our school. Others would have to give up extraordinary opportunities if it were not for the flexibility of our program."

Christie believes that TTU K-12's program, like our Red Raiders, is one-of-a-kind when it comes to the flexibility it affords its students. With no required login time and an easily accessible curriculum, TTU K-12 distinguishes itself from the rest. "We have students who are travelling with professional dance companies, sports teams, rodeo clubs, etc.," Christie stated. "These students are able to explore their talents while maintaining their education. We also have students who, unfortunately, may become ill. These students are able to use our program to work when they feel well and take breaks when they do not."

In addition to being a Red Raider herself, Christie's family also share in the tradition. Both her husband and her daughter are Texas Tech graduates and proudly represent their school. "Our hearts bleed for the crimson and black," says Christie. "Guns Up Forever!"

Christie feels that the most satisfying aspect of her work is having the opportunity to engage with students and parents every day. Christie has pride for both Texas Tech University and TTU K-12 and hopes that both will continue to progress to meet the needs of students. Her advice to students is to never give up because earning your education is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

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