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Students' Quest for Knowledge Most Important to TTU K-12 Teacher

By Leslie Cranford, Section Manager

Trisha Williams loves seeing students succeed. To her, it's the most rewarding part of being an educator.

"When that 'light bulb' lights up and they 'get it,' it's the best feeling," Williams says. "Also, watching students grow in their knowledge; I just love it!"

A teacher for 18 years, Williams has been with TTU K-12 for two. She teaches communication applications, advertising and sales, and exploring careers. In the past she has taught English 1 and theater arts, and communication applications.

Williams says she was drawn to teach in TTU K-12 for two main reasons, the flexibility and the amazing staff. "I have always loved teaching, and this just seemed like a good fit for me."

But teaching online doesn't come without challenges. The most challenging part of online teaching, in her opinion, is missing the personal connections with students.

"When you're in a face-to-face classroom, you learn students' tone, facial expressions, and general presence. These interactions are not available through online teaching; however, I am lucky, I teach communication applications. They must submit videos. Therefore, I get to see them and learn more about them through their videos."

As a teacher, Williams' philosophy is that the student should enjoy learning, not necessarily the subject matter, but love learning in general.

"I want my students to constantly be on a quest for knowledge and seek understanding. If they have a love for learning, they can learn anything."

And as teachers do, Williams also offers advice to her students, and to all students, especially those learning online.

"Communicate! Having communication between you and your teacher will ensure both parties have all the information they need," she cautioned. "There are going to be hick-ups with online school, and through communication, you can usually resolve most of these."

Williams added, "Do not procrastinate! Waiting until the last minute to do anything will almost always result in a poor outcome."

From Denver City, Texas, Williams graduated from Texas Tech with a bachelor's degree in English, then from Wayland Baptist University with a Master of Arts degree in counseling.
She's been married for more than 17 years to her husband Kevin, and they have three daughters ranging in age from six to 12.

"I love chasing my family, and photography," she said. "Photography is a hobby I love, but rarely have time to pursue. I love all things crafty."

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