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Jeff Oldham: Natural Teacher and Gifted Leader

By Joshua Blount, Editor

TTU K-12 is highly distinguished from its competitors in the flexibility it offers students and the quality of education it provides. The institution is well-respected by not only Texas-based institutions, but by international institutions as well. Jeff Oldham, principal for K-8 and international partnerships, has dedicated time and effort over the years to provide a strong presence for TTU K-12 overseas, but still finds time to support and lead students from around the country.

After graduating from Texas Tech with a degree in Fine Arts, Jeff chose to use his knowledge to enhance his natural talent: educating children. He was already a successful swim instructor and Sunday school teacher and, afterwards, found success as an art instructor and soccer coach as well. Jeff served as an art instructor for Richardson Independent School District for six years before advancing as an assistant principal. He was later principal for ten years before joining TTU K-12 for the chance to reach more students.

"What drew me to TTU K-12 was opportunity...providing opportunities for students in ways that other schools could not," said Jeff. "It's what brings me back to work every morning."

Since joining TTU K-12 back in 2014, Jeff has also helped to promote all the options that make TTU K-12 the powerhouse that it is. From self-paced curriculum to affordable classes, Jeff helps to showcase TTU K-12's competitive structure and flexibility to parents and students alike.

"In our market, I think we are one of the best, if not the best, at flexible education. There are other online institutions that do a really great job, but they are tied to very tight parameters for the way they deliver education. At TTU K-12, we provide education in a way that is transportable, transferable, flexible, self-paced, and affordable."

At times, Jeff must float between different responsibilities and day-to-day tasks, but he never loses sight of his responsibility to students. He believes that the most satisfying aspect of the his work is "providing pathways for students to take the next step in their education so that their opportunities are wide open." Jeff's commitment to students reflects what's important to TTU K-12 and why his leadership has led to student success. His vision for his involvement with TTU K-12 is to continue to help offer more  opportunities while guiding students to make the most of their potential.

A headshot of Jeff Oldham

K-8 and International Principal, Jeff Oldham
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