Texas Tech University

Emerging Technologies Law Certificate

This certificate is available for law and non-law graduate students and explores emerging technologies law and policy and how to frame our interactions with it both domestically and globally. Nanotechnology, biotechnology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, space, cognitive and sciences are among the emerging technologies that are explored as they apply to tort law, criminal law, intellectual property law, constitutional law and other areas of law and regulation.

Learning Objectives

  1. To apply the principles of tort law, criminal law, property law, tort law constitutional law, intellectual property law, administrative law and scientific evidence law to emerging technologies.
  2. To identify methods to regulate emerging technologies to protect society.
  3. To design a regulatory framework for an emerging technology.
  4. To “spot” and identify relevant legal issues in emerging technologies law cases, hypotheticals and scenarios.

One Required Course

6319 Intro to Emerging Technologies Law (3 hrs.)

Choose Four Electives (3 hrs./course)

  • 6006 Law & Biotechnology
  • 6307 Nanotechnology Law & Policy
  • 6082 Cybersecurity Law & Policy
  • 6021 Space Law
  • 6039 Intro to Intellectual Property Law

Five course/15 hours total requirement for the Certificate.