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Texas Tech Law School Commitment

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Photo of TTU Law School Building with TTU Commitment Logo over it.

Texas Tech Commitment
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As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic this fall, the Texas Tech Commitment is a comprehensive University-wide plan that includes new procedures and our pledge to do everything we can to create a safe campus environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Student health and safety is the number one priority for everyone involved in the Texas Tech community. Across the entire campus, you will find enhanced sanitization efforts, resources for health screenings, access to personal protective equipment, workplace and classroom wellness guidance, and social distancing protocols.

Learn more about the Texas Tech Commitment and our plan to provide a safe, engaging environment for learning and discovery beginning this fall.

Our Plan to Return to the Law School
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The Texas Tech Commitment is designed for our most valuable asset... you. As we begin to focus on reopening the Law School, we remain committed to achieving our core mission to provide an outstanding legal education to all our students in a safe and healthy environment.

We know you are eager to return to the classroom and to be back amongst your friends and classmates. Your dream of earning a law degree is in front of you, and we look forward to having you on campus so that you can pursue your passion. That is why, following the University's guidelines, we have developed a plan for the fall semester that prioritizes your education and health and safety.

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