Texas Tech University

Competency Grid

General Leadership Competencies

  • Planning effectively
  • Understanding key financial and business concepts
  • Networking
  • Exercising good judgement
  • Developing successful mindsets

Personal Impact

  • Obtain the support and trust of individuals
  • Motivate and inspire diverse team members
  • Support underperforming individuals on a team
  • Develop common goals for multiple stakeholders
  • Persuade others to join in goals
  • Evaluate your own and team members' strengths and challenges
  • Provide appropriate and impactful feedback
  • Manage time and stress effectively
  • Develop self reflective skills to continue to learn and grow as a professional


  • Consider ethical issues using an appropriate framework for decision-making
  • Act with the highest ethical standards
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior to others
  • Confront the unethical behavior of others appropriately

Professional Communication and Technology

  • Improve professional written and oral communication across audiences and mediums
  • Choose the appropriate style and technology for particular messages
  • Understand the effective use of professional technology
  • Coordinate messaging among many stakeholders

Leadership Theory

  • Compare and contrast different leadership styles
  • Understand how different leaders achieve change
  • Understand how leaders can create and inspire teamwork
  • Understand and develop your own leadership style
  • Understand strategic planning concepts
  • Appreciate and understand different organizations and organizational processes