Texas Tech University

LHFSA Mission

Mission and Purpose

The Association is an organization that was established in 2003 to proportionally increase the presence and improve the opportunities for Latino/Hispanic faculty and staff at Texas Tech University. The Association has chosen to work toward this mission through various goals and complementary approaches.


  • Increase the involvement of Latinos/Hispanics in all levels of university structure.
  • Promote professional relationships between Latino/Hispanic faculty, staff and administrators of Texas Tech University.
  • Advocate accountability from those involved in the formation of policies that impact upon Latinos/Hispanics in the Texas Tech University community.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of the goals and objectives of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO Office at Texas Tech University.
  • Undertake a continuous plan to identify areas of need in program development and the recruitment of Latino/Hispanic faculty, administrators and staff.
  • Encourage the development of academic excellence of Latinos/Hispanics.
  • Enhance the educational experience of Latinos/Hispanics on campus.
  • Enhance the educational experience of the Latino/Hispanic community at large.
  • Promote and maintain positive relationships and develop partnerships between TTU and the Latino/Hispanic community in Lubbock and surrounding areas.


We propose to achieve our goals by:

  • Maintaining open channels of communication with Texas Tech University's higher administration.
  • Providing outreach to prospective and incoming faculty and staff.
  • Providing mentorship, guidance and encouragement to Latino/Hispanic students at Texas Tech University as well as in Lubbock and the surrounding area.
  • Introducing Latino/Hispanic faculty, staff and students to Hispanic service organizations at the community and university level.

Latino Hispanic Faculty & Staff Association