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Affordable Course Materials

According to College Board, students at a four-year public institution like Texas Tech will spend $1,250 per year on textbooks.1 These costs can have a significant impact on students, including influencing which classes they choose and their grades. For more information check out our guide on Textbook Affordability

Texas Tech University Libraries are committed to helping decrease course materials costs, making college more affordable and thereby increasing student success.  

Open Educational Resources (OER)

OERs are educational materials that can be used for free electronically, shared, indefinitely retained, and revised and remixed.  They come in a variety of formats,  such as textbooks, complete courses and small assets such as videos.  The library offers a number of initiatives related to OER, including:

  • Inclusion of Open Textbook databases in the library catalog
  • Assistance finding OER.  See our Open Education Resource Guide for more information
  • Revising and Remixing existing OER.  Contact the Scholarly Publishing Librarian for more information. 

Affordable Textbook Publishing

The library's new publishing program, RAIDER Publishing, creates a venue for TTU faculty to publish low-cost or open textbooks.  This program will provide peer-review, copy-editing, and layout for textbooks, which will be published digitally with optional print versions. To learn more about the program or submit a proposal, visit our RAIDER Publishing guide

Affordable Courseware

Courseware, also known as Learning Assessment Tools, Online Homework Systems, and Access Codes, are an increasingly large component of course material cost, especially for STEM classes. Librarians can help advise on open or low-cost alternatives such as MyOpenMathWeBWorK, or OpenStax Tutor. If you are interested in learning more about existing options or creating something new, please contact the Digital Publishing Librarian.

Library Resources

The library's collections can also help increase affordability as they are available at no charge to TTU faculty, students, and staff.  Our electronic collections include books and journal articles, but also a wide variety of databases, some of which provide access to movies, art, and music.  These electronic collections can also be integrated into Blackboard for easy use in the classroom. If you have questions about our collections or how you can integrate them into your class, contact a librarian.


 1 https://trends.collegeboard.org/college-pricing/figures-tables/average-estimated-undergraduate-budgets-2017-18










General Questions: 

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Office Hours: (Room 132C) M-F 9am - 4pm

Jessica Kirschner
Digital Publishing Librarian
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