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Proxy Error

Your request to view an electronic database or journal could not be completed due to a technical problem at the Library. This is NOT a problem with your computer.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you are unable to connect to the resource you need, configure the VPN connection to access e-resources while off-campus. For step by step instructions, visit General overview of the TTUnet VPN service, or see our Off-Campus Access FAQ for additional information.
  2. In case the issue is related to your Internet browser, we recommend switching Internet browsers on your computer or device to see if that resolves the connection problem. You may also try clearing your Internet browser cache—history, cookies, saved passwords, etc.
  3. Patrons who are affiliated with the TTU Health Sciences Center and not the TTU academic campus do not have remote access to our subscriptions. If you are a TTUHSC patron, visit the TTU Health Sciences Center Libraries' website.

TTU Libraries are not responsible for the content of external sources.
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