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Page Overview

This page will hopefully assist others in implementing a successful section 508 strategy. An general overview of section 508 is provided by the popular press overviews. More details are provided  in the information about section 508 links. Tools for validation are provided. We are also including a section that details our sites experiences with 508 compliance.  

Information about Section 508

The Access Board, United States Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

Other Sources of Information about Section 508

Department of Justice, Section 508 Home Page

GSA, Center for IT Accommodation (CITA)

USDA, Office of the Chief Information Officer

USDA, TARGET (Technology Accessible Resources Gives Employment Today) Center Home Page


Popular Press Overviews

'Handicapped access' hits the Web,  ZDNet: News


Validation Tools

Bobby 3.1.1

W3C HTML Validation Service

WDG HTML Validator


Our Experience

We are using Microsoft Front Page 2000 (FP2000) as our major resource for WWW development.  FP2000 saves by default without a DOCTYPE tag. Therefore it appears that one will not be able to pass a HTML 4 validation without some hand coding.

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