Adding VITC time codes to tapes

Once again having problems with the counter on the tapes, if I want to reset the times on the tape (I brought back another VCR with me) can I just do a portion of it? Like if there is a trouble spot of about 2 hours can I reset it for that time period? How would I hook this up to do it? I brought back the colored cable that the VCR had in it that went to the main power switch box. Thanks!!

You will need to copy the file I have attached to the /../OBS/DATA dir in order to use the time coded tape. (This is the same DIR that currently has your 72.CUS in it) This file is 72hr.cus it is used when the timecode has been added during copying.

To copy the tape:

  1. Connect a cable to the VIDEO OUT of the source VCR (original tape)
  2. Connect this cable to the VIDEO IN of the target VCR
  3. Connect a cable to the VIDEO OUT of the target VCR to a TV to see what's going on.
  4. Turn off the TIMEDATE stamp on the target VCR. (If you don't do this then you will record the current recording time on the re-recorded tape, make sure to turn this back on before you start to tape in real time again.)
  5. Place the original tape in the source VCR and the new tape in the target VCR.
  6. Make sure both machines are in 2HR record mode. Sometimes you need to go into the menu setting to change this.
  7. Start the target VCR and let it record for 1-2 mins. (some VCR's might not allow you to record without a video input, if this is the case then rewind the source tape until you are 1 hour before the period that you wish to re-record. 1 hour of 72HR recorded tape is about 1:36 in real time. You need a little bit of pre roll time to get everything going.)
  8. Start the source VCR to begin recording.
  9. Stop the tape after you have re-recorded the times you are interested in.
  10. Watch the tape as before except choose 72HR.CUS , make sure the sampling intervals are correct.

Here's something I found at the noldus site, it might be of help. The tape will not end automatically if you use this method.

Using "old" tapes

We always advise people to use new video tapes when recording a scene on tape, in order to reduce the chance of tape-related problems with The Observer for DOS. After extended use, video tapes will show signs of wear, resulting in parts of the tape that have disturbance in it. In these parts, the time code cannot be retrieved correctly by the software. When you have set a maximum duration for your observation (in the Configuration Designer), this "bad" time code can cause the software to prematurely terminate the observation if the "bad" code is interpreted as a very high time code. You can do the following to prevent this from happening: go to the option Maximum duration of observations in the General Methods screen of the Edit Configuration Menu. Leaving the values at zero means that there is no maximum time and observations can only be terminated manually.

Hey, if I have a tape that I don't want to redo the time on it all the way (from the beginning) because about on day 2 we had a 45 minute power outage and redoing its time from the beginning would mess up the time (wouldn't account for the 45 min. lapse) can I just redo the time from the after the power failure to the end of the tape?


You can do a short section of tape, just make sure that you leave it run for an hour or two before the section you need.

What do you mean let it run for an hour or two before the section I need, let it play before the section that needs retiming or let the other tape run/record normally at first and then stop tape to change time to accommodate for missing 30 min. of tape?

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