L-ODF files

Hey, thanks for the files, why was my total about 200 when it should have been ~192? I didn't input those independent variables the first time - oops!! I'll keep truckin', maybe I'll be done soon!! I understood everything you sent. To save my observer files to a disk I went with the C:>OBS30>edit filename.odf and it let me SAVE AS A:filename.odf so that is how I did that. (there is a backslash somewhere after the C prompt when I go into edit - I just can't remember where it was) 


I replaced the {01} with stwa within the one file. Found out that {01} are treated as missing data even when they are assigned a time. There were about 8 {01}'s in that file hence the 200 instead of the 192.

You might try some thing like this to copy C:\OBS30\DATA>COPY L*.ODF A:

C:\>cd OBS30 [change dir to]
C:\OBS30\>cd DATA [change dir to]
C:\OBS30\DATA\>cd.. [go back one dir]

By using EDIT you could save files to disk but you will need to do this every time with each individual file. The DOS commands make things a bit easier.


I'll try saving using DOS - tried before but couldn't get it to work right. OK, minor question, I am viewing PENS 38/40 and on Day 2 at 22:50 pig 5 goes under gate and into Pen 40. Now I can see him but now I have 2 pigs marked in the same manner as Pig 5 in Pen 40. I am in the middle of a 4 hour block observing and what do I do, say he is missing from pen 38 or say he is feeding since I can see him feeding in Pen 40 ( I am watching video very slowly at this point so I don't get confused on which pig is the correct pig 5 and the intruder 5)?  Lisa

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