I found a surge protector for $109 that is a 2 outlet UPS for 300 volts of equipment, mine including monitor is 255 volts (190 w/out monitor). How does that work do you plug a power strip into the 2 outlets to accomodate all of the equiplement or does that diminish its effectiveness. I really want one to prevent the problems on the tapes that I have now. Do you think that is the reason for the problems, I don't know what else it could be - I FF and REW all tapes prior to videotaping. Also, don't you think I should get 8 hour tapes this go around (last time used 6 hour)?

I have located the UPS unit I need at Staples but we get a discount with Corporate Express which has these listed:

1. Stand-by UPS 425A with automatic voltage regulation - utilizes microprocessor based controls with a quick transfer time. 425 VA capacity. Features automatic voltage regulation and a two-stage battery charging. Remote access user. Replaceable battery.


2. UPS battery back-up system
Adequate time to save work and exit programs during a power failure. Microprocessor controls provide near instantaneous transfer to battery and tow stage charging to prolong battery life. Both fuse and electronic overload safeguards against damage to unit. Automatic frequency selection of incoming power, 50 or 60 Hz. Visual and audible status indicators. (500VA or 325 VA)

Which would you recommend??

The first one looks like the one I would get with Staples(just based on appearance). These from Corporate Express don't give the amount of time they back the power up. Thanks, I need to place my order ASAP and don't want to get the wrong one! Lisa

#1 has a higher VA rating. Check to see as to the availability of these, you will need to change it up prior to use, this usually takes about 24 hr.. Not too much use getting a discount on it if they don't have them is sock. I would get #1 then, #2 then the Staples on if the discount makes it worth while. If the discount isn't that much then I would just get it at Staples that way you can take it back if it doesn't work. Good luck, I'll be gone Wed Thus doing cattle stuff, also next Mon.

I think the Staples solution is the best. 

Wanted to check with you on how to set those VCRs for starting to record on a Sat. to go until Tues. AM, I might just have Dan to press record, he is there at 6:30 in the morning and doesn't leave until 8:30 or so, so he could press record at 8 AM. It didn't look like I could set it so it would work so I just feel more confident with with Dan pushing record, I could to make it easier not to forget to go ahead and hit record as soon as he gets there at 6:30 now that I have the 8 hour tape in there so to be sure nothing goes wrong, what do you think of that?

We got the UPS unit so hopefully that will help with a 500 VA rating, since a storm kicked off the time/date stamp off of the VCR that has its internal battery that needs to be replaced so that doesn't happen but hopefully the UPS unit will take care of all of it. Thanks, Lisa


I think the Dan solution is the best one for right now. You can set the timers but it's a little bit complicated to explain how to do this over the phone or email. By having Dan press the record button you are sure that you are getting what you want.

Check your first set of new tapes once you make them, make sure you are getting what you are thinking you are getting. I hope everything goes well. Jeff

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