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Hey Jeff, how many frames per sec. did we record at? I have written down that it was 96 sec for each hour recorded is that right? I read that article by McGlone and did not quite understand, we did time lapse recording right? Is that different than time interval? In his paper I understood that he would watch a pen for 5 min at a time for each hour or 10 min, etc. is that what that means? Thanks a lot! Lisa


You recorded in time lapse. The setting was 72 HR speed. There are about 96 secs per hour of 72 hr time lapse recording per hour of recording time.

I think the McGlone article is talking about time sampling in one section of it, i.e. can we watch just 5 or 10 mins and see what the animal is doing. The article also discusses playback and recording speeds for time-lapse recording. I think the time lapse speed of 72 hr is 1.6 frames per sec. It should be in the paper.  Hope this helps. Jeff

Could you answer a quick question, how do I turn off the time date stamp on the VCR? The VCR manual is in Crossville and I don't want to push too many buttons trying and mess something up. I can get the manual next Tues. Thanks!! Lisa

Go to the program switch and then go to the menu. Within the menu then under display choose DATE, TIME and T-MODE off. I hope that this helps, Jeff

Sorry to bother you with this again, but I have set up the 2 VCRs and rerecorded onto a new tape with both VCRs in 2 hour record mode and I am having no luck reading the tapes with the Observer program, using the 72hr. file you sent me. While I am fast forwarding the tape to the next observation (15 min. later) the VCR is only registering that a few seconds have passed and I can't record the activity. Any ideas?

Also, does the rerecording of the tapes put new time on it? It looks as if it just records the original tape as is. Thanks again, Lisa


Check with the Adrienne program to make sure that you have redone the time code on the tape. This is the PVT program that you have used in the past. Look at the new timecode and ensure that it is a steady stream- 0,1,2..28,29,0,1... use the frame by frame advance on the VCR.

Once you are sure that you have rerecorded the timecode on the tape then start the OBS program. Proceed as usual except instead of 72.CUS use 72HR.CUS by using this file you should have the correct factor for the time code that was added during copying instead of during filming. Please write back and tell me if this works. Jeff


Hey, I can't remember how to open the PVT file, I've got it to say c:\adrienne and list its directory and I see everything I need (qualtest, pvt.bat, etc) it but what is the "magic word" I need to use to open it, what word before I say pvt.bat do I need, I must not have wrote it down and feel like an idiot guessing. Thanks!


You are doing OK, the DOS world is a strange one. The *.bat extension indicates batch files. Batch files run on their own when you type in the first part of the name. In this instance you would type PVT and then enter. I was going to try this on my machine but I don't have the software. Give it a try.


Hey Jeff, thanks for the speedy reply but it isn't working, tried every configuration of pvt but it isn't working, even the plain PVT and ENTER. Does Vcr have to be playing for it to work?

Just PVT worked on my system. Check your DIR to make sure that the progam is in the DIR that you are in.

OK, got PVT to work, but the time is different, it seems for each second in PVT the tape counter on TV screen is moving ahead 1 min! I did try to analyze like this with 72hr.cus and Observer didn't recognize that 15 min. went by, it thought about a minute or less went by. Lisa

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