Refman Information

Ref Type : Journal
Ref ID : 6096
Title : Validating techniques to sample behavior of confined, young pigs
Authors : Arnold-Meeks,C.; Mcglone,J.J.;
Pub Date : 1986
Keywords : Techniques; Behavior; Confined; Young; YOUNG-PIGS; Pigs;
Reprint : In File
Journal Name : Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Volume : 16
Start Page : 149
End Page : 155

clinch wrote:

> Hey Jeff, hope you aren't too busy, I'm trying to keep my head above water
> with all of these deadlines! I was wondering if you had this info that I
> needed lying around, there was an article that documented that the way we
> videotaped in time lapse for the project was a sound practice rathar than
> doing continuous videotaping. Do you remember the author? I need to reference
> it, if you don't remember it or have any info on it, don't worry I'll find it
> somehow. Thanks a lot. How's life in Lubbock? Lisa

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