Behavior Lab Help, Hints, Templates and Suggestions

Letters from Lisa

Experience the joys and heartbreaks of a graduate student conducting her research with technical support from over email. Still editing right now but to a point it might be of some use.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Still images from video taken from our lab that might help others from making some of  the same mistakes.

A brief list of things one should try to do or avoid in the behavior lab.


Example Excel spreadsheets that illustrate solutions to common problems. Coming  in 2000, in editing right now.


Camera Distance Tutorial, Power Point Format 

How to work with the Observer Windows editions so that the data can be read by the DOS version of the Observer. The current Windows version, 4.0, of the program is weak in exporting data.

Tape Lengths

Naming Files

Observer 3.0 for DOS: Step by Step with Charlotte, PDF format

Timecode issues from beyond. How to recover from timecode mistakes caused by any number of issues.

Equipment management. An overview of  how to protect your equipment from the elements and your subjects

Identification methodologies. You have to know when to mark them.

Time Code Intervals Adjustments for The Observer

Animal Behavior Society's  Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior


Any suggestions from other workers in the field about topics relating to behavior lab management issue will be addressed from time to time.

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