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12 Jul 1999 00:00 - 27 Aug 2003 23:59 (-6)

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Detail http://www.liru.asft.ttu
Date Database contains12 Jul 1999 18:00 - 27 Aug 2003 12:52
Date of this report27 August 2003 14:42 (Wednesday)
Start date12 July 1999 00:00 (Monday)
End date27 August 2003 23:59 (Wednesday)
Total number of days1508
Page ViewsNumber of successful page views718190
Average page views per day476
VisitsNumber of visits135430
Average number of visitor sessions per day90
Unique Visitors53096
BandwidthData transferred36.95 GB
Average data transferred per day24.51 MB
Most Active PeriodsMost active hour of the day2am to 3am
Most active day of the weekTuesday

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