Remote Temperature Monitoring of Cattle

Core body temperature data for cattle has been collected in a variety of ways. Rectal temperatures have been widely used. These measurements can require animal restraint when beef cattle studied. Movement to and through animal handling facilities prior to animal restraint could result in increased core body temperatures. 

Remote temperature monitoring allows the possibility of data collection in real time. Some systems are bolus based, others are based upon surgical implantation. Retrieval of the data is accomplished using a variety of methods. Systems that require animals to be placed over a mat receiver will not be included in this list. While they might be acceptable in metabolism pen studies they wouldn't be practical under field conditions.

Inclusion or exclusion is not an indication of endorsement or condemnation. This list is an attempt to provide information about products that can be used to remotely monitor cattle temperature. Any suggestions or comments are most welcome. Please contact Jeff Dailey with your comments.

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