NCR-131 Image Approval Voting Section

NCR-131 has agreed to approve images for inclusion into the EFAB project. This approval process will ensure that a given image represents the definition that it is paired with. Ten images will be reviewed per month. The ballot page will be removed at the end of the month, the responses will then be tabulated. Images that have been approved by NCR-131 will be identified. 

A definition may have more than one image per species associated with the definition. If a ballot selection is available for a future month (s) group members may vote on these selections.

We would like to thank Dr. Ted Friend's graduate level Applied Animal Ethology class, Fall 2000 section, for their testing of the voting section. Hopefully, we have improved the process. 

Ballot #6 Due by June 30, 2001  


See "Who has voted" to determine if you have voted on a particular ballot.

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