Encyclopedia of Farm Animal Behavior System Requirements and User Notes

The video files presented in this database are in *.MPG format. You will need a web browser that is configured to playback this type of file format. We are presenting files in MPEG format as this is a video standard.

We recommend a Pentium, PowerMac or equivalent system to view the files in the database. A minimum of 16 megabyte of RAM should be present in the system. A direct high speed connection to the Internet is also recommended. An ISDN or greater speed connection is suggested to those browsing the video section of the database.

Every effort will be made to limit the size of the image files. Video files are very large even when compressed. Ten seconds of video can quickly take up over 1 megabyte of space. Please be aware of this. File size will be given beside the video icon for each entry.

All video have been captured at 30 frames per second (FPS). Playback on you system should be at this rate. If your system is not able to playback MPEG files at 30 FPS, be aware that the behavior that you are viewing is not the same as what is taking place in real time. Digital video (DV) quality sound and video is used for most entries. DV allows for high quality images without generation loss.

Some MPEG players have a diagnostics tool. By experimenting with the setting you can ensure that your system is playing the clip back at real speed. Newer systems can play back video in excess of 30 FPS. If you are lucky enough to have this problem turn your MPEG viewer rate control to the ON position.

The speed of your internet connection will play a significant role in how fast a given image will be downloaded. The Internet Connection Speedometer link will calculate your connection speed.


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Revised: April 18, 2008