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January 31, 2000

February 13, 2000

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February 14, 2000

February 27, 2000

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February 28, 2000

March 12, 2000

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March 13, 2000

March 26, 2000

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March 27, 2000

April 9, 2000

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April 10, 2000

April 23, 2000

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April 24, 2000

May 7, 2000

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May 8, 2000

May 21, 2000

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May 22, 2000

June 4, 2000

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June 5, 2000

June 18, 2000

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June 19, 2000 July 2, 2000

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July 3, 2000 July 16, 2000

The members of NCR-131 have offered to select definitions that can be coupled with an image. This survey is an attempt to make make this task as easy as possible.

Your Name is the first selection of the form. This is a required field, you must type in your name.

There are 12 sections of this survey. They are arranged in alphabetical order, each section is about 107or so entries long. There are 2 choices, "Keep" or "Delete". The choices are indicated with a button, please select the choice you feel is appropriate.

There is a comment box for each entry. If you would like to comment on an entry this would be the place to do so. This would also be a place to indicate that you have a good example of a given entry that you would like to share with the project. 

At the end of each form there is a submit button, after you fill out the form then please submit it. There will then be a brief confirmation page acknowledging that the form was received. You will then be given a chance to return to the EFAB page.

A suggested voting schedule is provided. Select the section that you are going to evaluate and proceed. Please complete all 12 sections. We will be posting a list of the group's progress shortly. Please feel free to contact Jeff Dailey if you have any suggestions or need technical assistance. 

Comments on existing images should be made on the comment form that is included in the current images section of the EFAB

From the minutes of the July 23-24, 1999 NCR-131 "Behavior of Domestic Animals" meeting:

"Web-Based Behavior Dictionary: The group discussed the collection of data for this dictionary. Dr. Bruce Webster mentioned that having videos for every term in the dictionary is too ambitious. Dr. Julie Morrow mentioned that high quality video is necessary and she is working on the technology to get this accomplished. Julie reiterated the role of NCR-131 to be submitting clips of behaviors and serving as a 'reviewing body' to provide credibility to the dictionary. Dr. Janice Swanson mentioned that we have already committed to this project in our renewal of NCR-131. Dr. Adroaldo suggested we try to find a focus i.e.: month of August to discuss play behavior; set the monthly goals using the alphabet. Glenn Gray suggested that this project dovetails with the Ag Guide (performance based guide) and that people that are not ethologists will use this information, and review the tapes. Glenn encouraged members to be active in developing the dictionary because it justifies a future project. There was a consensus from the group to proceed."

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