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Reason for reference database

This reference database is intended for research and education. This database will provide a starting point at which researchers can gather references on contemporary issues in animal agriculture.

Where did the references come from?

The combined database currently contains information from the following groups:

Database Researcher Affiliated Institution Supporting Institutions
LIDB Dr. John McGlone Pork Industry Institute, Texas Tech University
FMM Dr. Frank Mitloehner Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis
FMM Dr. Stanley Curtis    
ABWRC.enl Dr Lindsay Matthews Animal Behavior & Welfare Research Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand

LIDB: Livestock Issues Database  20,413 records 7/24/03

FMM: Frank Mitloehner  1,026 records 7/24/03

Animal Behavior & Welfare Research Centre 6,166 records 12/6/00

There are currently 27,605 records in this combined database. The databases will be updated on a quarterly basis. We invite other interested research groups to join in this effort. 

How do I submit references?

We welcome any group or individual to submit references to the project. Please contact Jeff Dailey if you would like to help expand this database. Each reference will have an ID that indicates which group submitted the reference. If you feel your reference format might be a problem please contact us, we should be able to work something out.

Benefits of being a part of the reference database

Group participation within the reference database project is rewarded in several ways. Your groups references are shared with other research groups having an active interest in the field. This will hopefully foster collaboration among the groups involved. Paper requests for articles not available at your local library or via Inter-Library Loan will be fulfilled by the group which has the article.

FFM: The Curtis Collection

The research papers of Professor Stanley E. Curtis are currently being entered into the FFM database. Professor Curtis is currently with the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois. The number of theses, dissertations, reports and books that are contained in this collection is overwhelming, not only in number, but in their historical contribution to the field of Animal Science. It is a honor to be the custodians of these unique and valuable papers and have them accessible through the database.

References originating from Professor Curtis's papers will include the keyword "SEC" to allow the FFM database to be searched only for papers from this collection. The collection represents over 16,000 articles. Information about the progress of paper entry will be updated on a regular basis.

Some of the Curtis collection was entered into the LIDB database. Current totals for both databases are:

LIDB database Keyword "SEC" 533 records 7/24/03

FFM database Keyword "SEC" 4 records 7/24/03 


1Q. Can we get the Reference ID number to show up on the main results page?

1A. No. The Reference ID number is not able to be displayed on the main results page due to the design of the program.

2Q. Why is the .enl on the ABWRC.enl database?

2A. This database is an Endnote database, when it is transferred over to the Reference Manager search engine this extension is shown.

3Q. The papers from my search don't match with the papers in our files?

3A. Make sure that you have selected your database to search. By default all databases in the project are searched. Select your database from the drop menu.


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