Blood Cell Identification Table.  Adapted From: Blood Cells - An Aid to Identification

Lymphocyte Neutrophil  Monocyte Eosinophil Basophil
Lymphocyte features to be aware of:

Small :
20-25% of leukocytes
diameter 6-8 Ám
nucleus spheroid or ovoid
chromatin in dense lumps
cytoplasm scarce and stained pale blue

Medium :
1.5-2.0% of leukocytes
diameter 8-12 Ám
chromatin less dense
more cytoplasm & tend to surround more of nucleus
Neutrophil features to be aware of:

60-70% of leukocytes 
diameter 10-12 Ám 
nucleus 2-8 lobes 
chromatin in dense coarse lumps 
cytoplasm is acidophilic with neutrophilic granules 
'drumstick' on lobe in 3% of neutrophils in females 

Band Neutrophil:
1-2% of neutrophils 
horse-shoe shaped nucleus 
cytoplasm has granules 

3-8% of leukocytes 
largest leukocyte (20 Ám) 
nucleus indented and pale 
cytoplasm abundant and basophilic, non-uniform (foamy) appearance 
cytoplasm may contain a few fine azurophilic granules 

up to 5% of leukocytes 
diameter 12-15 Ám 
nucleus less lobed, usually only bilobed 
chromatin clumped but not as dense as in neutrophil 
cytoplasm filled with numerous large eosinophilic (acidophilic) granules which stain pale-pink.

less than 1% of leukocytes 
diameter 14 Ám 
nucleus large and bilobed 
chromatin is more finely textured so nucleus is more pale staining 
cytoplasm filled with large dark-blue staining granules (basophilic) which may obscure nucleus (Blackberry appearance) 


Haematology identification aid - Version 1.0


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