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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial assistance is available through the Department and its research programs in the form of scholarships, Teaching (TA) and Research Assistantships (RA). These positions are available to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance in their undergraduate or graduate institutions. The demand for TA and RA positions normally far exceeds the funds that are available, making such positions extremely competitive. Students are encouraged to seek their own support through external scholarships, fellowships, and grants.

Funding Requirements

Financial aid from the Department comes with certain expectations and constraints. Before receiving financial support, each student will be required to sign a legally binding agreement that should be carefully read and understood. By signing this contract, the student is committing to completing the Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Texas Tech University. A student who accepts any departmental financial support will not be allowed to transfer out of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Departmental funding is available to a limited number of students through Teaching Assistantships (TA) and Research Assistantship (RA). These positions are reserved for students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance. In addition, students are often recommended or chosen for these positions by their faculty advisor. Students are therefore encouraged to select an advisor as soon as possible upon beginning the program, as this will increase their chances of receiving departmental support.


A number of one year, out−of−state, tuition−waiver scholastic scholarships are offered each year to incoming students who have been admitted to the program and to students already enrolled in the program who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance. The awards are based on the overall performance of the student. Depending upon the student’s academic performance, after entering the program, the tuition waiver scholarship may be extended past the first year.

To see how to apply for college scholarships, visit the Whitacre College of Engineering scholarship page. If you would like to apply for all scholarships available from the university, please visit the Financial Aid Office’s website to learn more.