Research Topics


Probabilistic Prognostics and Health Management (PPHM)

Despite their life expectancy of 20 years, wind turbines usually fail within a few years mainly due to unforeseen failure of their drive trains. Accurate prediction of the remaining useful life of wind turbine drive trains, thus, alleviates cost and downtime. This research aims to provide a reliable online probabilistic prognostics framework for wind turbine drivetrains by improving the reliability and efficiency of the components of the PPHM framework, namely sensing, filtering, mathematical modeling, and probabilistic analysis.

Engineering Design

Uncertainty is prevalent in a design process. This research focuses on the uncertainty associated with communication with sketches. In the early stage of design, uncertainty in sketches facilitates creativity among designers. On the other hand, later stages of design require less and less uncertainty since they need to be interpreted correctly. Uncertainty quantification in communication with sketches is thus essential in all levels of design.


Our body is supported by its skeleton which is made of bones. The aging population in the USA is on the rise thus more people would be susceptible to bone fractures. Therefore, understanding better how to predict fracture risks and bone properties can provide clinical insights into proper diagnosis and treatment of bone related diseases. Several mechanistic methods, have been used to try and determine bone toughness or explain the properties of bones as humans age; however, it is not clear how the several components of the bone microstructure interact with each other at the different scales to affect overall bone properties. Considering the uncertainties present in bone properties due to factors like age, gender, size and location, our research aims to use probabilistic analysis methods to characterize bone mechanical properties and predict fracture risk.  Research projects and relevant publications in this area are:

3-D modeling of bone prosthetic implants

Probabilistic analysis on the hierarchical structure of bone