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150-Hour Combined B.S./M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


The 150-Hour Combined B.S./M.S. Program provides an opportunity for top mechanical engineering undergraduates to obtain a B.S. and M.S. with 150 credit hours of work (Normally: BS = 128 hours, MS = 30 hours [thesis option] or 36 hours [non-thesis option]).

How It Works

Students in this program follow the existing undergraduate curriculum for the first seven semesters. In the final undergraduate semester, two graduate courses are taken in lieu of ME electives. The student receives a BS degree at this point. One additional year of study, including one summer, then leads to the MS degree. A typical five-year program is shown below.

Application and Admission

Students apply to the Department of Mechanical Engineering for admission to the BS/MS program during the final semester of the junior year (i.e. when taking ME 3365). Admission to the program is based on the applicant's cumulative (non-grade replaced) grade point average, GRE scores, and faculty recommendations. The minimum cumulative (non-grade replaced) grade point average required for admission is 3.2. Students having a grade point average below 3.2 may be admitted on a case-by-case basis, depending on GRE scores and faculty recommendations. Students having a cumulative (non-grade replaced) grade point average above 3.5 are not required to take the GRE exam for departmental admission to the BS/MS program, however it is highly encouraged to take the GRE exam.

Once the Department has notified the applicant of acceptance, the applicant must then apply to the Graduate School before beginning the last semester leading to the B.S.M.E. (i.e. in the semester before you begin your graduate courses).

Financial Support During the Graduate Year

The Department provides various levels of financial support to the majority of its graduate students. There are two main types of support available:

  1. Teaching Assistantship (TA): Graduate students are hired to help with undergraduate instructional duties. Examples of TA duties include grading homework for undergraduate classes, conducting help sessions, and conducting laboratory sessions in one of the undergraduate laboratories.
  2. Research Assistantship (RA): Here the student is paid to work on a grant or contract under the direction of the faculty member who has been funded to do the research. Generally, this work will contribute directly to the student’s masters thesis. For most students the RA position is preferable, because the student’s job is to conduct research that becomes part of the thesis.

All students admitted to the 150-Hour program will automatically be considered for TA or RA funding. Contact the Advising Office for current stipend amounts.

A graduate student who is supported as a half-time research assistant or a half−time teaching assistant is required to register for 9 credit hours during any long semester in which the student has half-time support, and for 6 credit hours during either summer session in which the student has half-time support. For non-supported students, there are no minimum registration requirements, but maximum registration hours are not to exceed 12 hours in any long semester and 6 hours in each summer session.


During the final undergraduate semester, the student pays the usual undergraduate tuition for the undergraduate courses and graduate tuition for the two graduate courses. A complete explanation of tuition and fees is available online at

Double Majors

This program is open to ME double majors (MECS, ENGR PHYS ME OPTION, etc.). Students doing a double major should plan on the one additional year of study shown above.

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