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Name Office Phone E-mail
Mindy M. Brashears, Ph.D. - Professor: Food Microbiology, Food Safety FT 204E, AFS 202 806-834-4274 mindy.brashears@ttu.edu
Chance Brooks, Ph.D. - Associate Professor: Meat Science AFS 200E 806-834-3517 chance.brooks@ttu.edu
Lyda Garcia, Ph.D. - Visiting Assistant Professor AFS 219A 806-834-6674 lyda.garcia@ttu.edu
Samuel P. Jackson, Ph.D. - Associate Department Chair & Associate Professor: Sheep and Goats AFS 103E 806-834-7185 sam.jackson@ttu.edu
Brad Johnson, Ph.D. - Gordon W. Davis Regent's Chair in Meat & Muscle Biology & Graduate Student Coordinator AFS 201 806-834-7057 bradley.johnson@ttu.edu
Guy Loneragan, Ph.D. - Professor AFS 224 806-834-1291 guy.loneragan@ttu.edu
Markus F. Miller, Ph.D. - Horn Professor: & San Antonio Livestock Exposition Chair in Meat Science AFS 200H 806-834-0837 mfmrraider@aol.com
Leslie D. Thompson, Ph.D. - Professor: Food Science & Safety AFS 216 806-834-8715 leslie.thompson@ttu.edu



Name Office Phone E-mail
Moriah J. Beyers, M.S. - Coordinator of Meat Science Programs AFS 219 806-834-1135 moriah.beyers@ttu.edu
Tate Corliss, M.S. - Meat Lab Manager & Director of Raider Red Meats ML 806-834-1610 tate.corliss@ttu.edu
Andrea Garmyn, Ph.D. - Post Doctoral Research Associate MLAB 102 806-834-6559 andrea.garmyn@ttu.edu
Travis O'Quinn, Ph.D.- Sr. Research Associate MLAB 102 806-834-7453 travis.oquinn@ttu.edu
Shandon Rankin - Assist. Meat Lab Manager ML 806-834-0253 shandon.rankin@ttu.edu
Kari Spivey, Ph.D.-Post Doctoral Research Associate ML 103 806-834-6674 kari.spivey@ttu.edu


Graduate Students

Name and Advisor Office Phone E-mail
Jessica Baggerman, MS
Dr. Johnson
AFS 225 806-834-5561 jessica.baggerman@ttu.edu
P. Rand Broadway, Ph.D.
Dr. Brooks
AFS 227 806-834-6120 paul.broadway@ttu.edu
Maria Bueso Ponce, MS
Dr. Miller
AFS 227 806-834-5080 maria.bueso@ttu.edu 
Clay Burson, MS
Drs. Rathmann/Johnson
AFS 225 806-834-6458 clay.burson@ttu.edu
Drew Cashman, MS
Dr. Miller
AFS 226 806-834-4178 drew.cashman@ttu.edu
Byron Chaves-Elizondo, Ph.D.
Dr. Brashears
ESB 355 806-834-4698 byron.d.chaves@ttu.edu
Blaine Corliss, MS
Drs. Brashears/Brooks
ESB 806-834-8832  blaine.corliss@ttu.edu
Katie Duysen
Dr. Brooks
AFS 227 806-834-5673 katie.duysen@ttu.edu
Devin Hanson, Ph.D.
Dr. Loneragan
ESB  806-834-8166 devin.hanson@ttu.edu
Tyler Harris, MS
Dr. Johnson/ Dr. Jackson
AFS 226 806-834-3987 tyler.harris@ttu.edu
Sarah Hazenfield-Ison, Ph.D.
Dr. Loneragan
ESB 354 806-834-0029 sarah.hazenfield@ttu.edu
Jerilyn Hergenreder, Ph.D.
Dr. Johnson
AFS 225 806-834-5774 jerilyn.hergenreder@ttu.edu
Joshua Ison, MS
Dr. Loneragan
ESB 355 806-834-6673 josh.ison@ttu.edu
Nanditha Jasti, Ph.D.
Dr. Brashears
FT 213 806-834-5939 nanditha.jasti@ttu.edu
Aaron Jennings, MS
Dr. Johnson
MLAB 106 806-834-8658 aaron.jennings@ttu.edu
Abdollah Khodammohammadi, MS
Dr. Brashears
ESB 355   a.khodammohammadi@ttu.edu
Sydney Knobel, Ph.D.
Dr. Miller
MLAB 102 806-834-1301 sydney.knobel@ttu.edu
Yen-te (Andy) Liao, Ph.D.
Dr. Brashears
ESB 311 806-834-4480 yente.liao@ttu.edu
Jennifer Martin, Ph.D.
Dr. Brooks
AFS 227 806-834-8844 jennifer.n.martin@ttu.edu
Brandon Meiwes, Ph.D.
Dr. Loneragan
FT 105   brandon.meiwes@ttu.edu
Amy Parks, Ph.D.
Dr. Brashears
ESB 312 806-834-7656 amy.parks@ttu.edu
Siroj Pokharel, Ph.D.
Dr. Brashears
ESB 806-834-8365 siroj.pokharel@ttu.edu
Ansen Pond, Ph.D.
Dr. Brashears
ESB 311 806-834-8610 ansen.pond@ttu.edu
Nathan Pond, MS
Dr. Brashears
ESB  806-834-2505 nathan.w.pond@ttu.edu
Ashley Rosenburg Lembke, Ph.D.
Dr. Brooks
Off Campus   ashley.rosenburg@ttu.edu
Henry Ruiz, MS
Dr. Miller
AFS 227 806-834-8829 henry.ruiz@ttu.edu
Vamsikrishna (Kris) Sunkara, MS
Dr. Brashears
ESB 311   kris.sunkara@ttu.edu
Adam Tittor, Ph.D.,
Dr. Miller
Off Campus   adamtittor@hotmail.com
Jessie Vipham, Ph.D.
Dr. Brashears
ESB  806-834-2516 jessie.vipham@ttu.edu
Shanna Ward, MS
Dr. Miller
Off Campus   shanna.ward@ttu.edu
Hattie Webb, MS
Dr. Loneragan
ESB 355 806-834-8157 hattie.webb@ttu.edu
Loni Woolley, MS
Dr. Miller
MLAB 105 806-834-6234 loni.woolley@ttu.edu