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NIEE Participating Societies

In recognition of the value and importance of ethics in the profession of engineering, as well as common purposes and shared interests in engineering ethics, the National Institute for Engineering Ethics and various Professional Societies have joined together to promote the understanding and practice of ethics within the engineering profession. These Participating Societies and NIEE have agreed to work together through cooperative efforts to:

  • Encourage continuing dialogue among the NIEE and the Participating Society leadership regarding ethics in engineering education and practice.
  • Collaborate at all levels of organization and membership to share information and emphasize the importance of ethics.
  • Sponsor cooperative activities to influence and enhance education and continuing professional development opportunities in engineering ethics.
  • Promote mutual membership in NIEE's and the Participating Society's organizations.
  • Cross-market each organization's products and services, where appropriate.
  • Give focus and visibility to ethics issues through publishing and /or reprinting articles of mutual interest in each other's publications.
  • Participate as exhibitors, co-sponsors and presenters at local, state, and national conferences to promote a greater understanding of engineering ethics issues and activities.

Affiliation with the NIEE as a Participating Society grants the society the privilege of designating a representative to sit on NIEE's Advisory Board.

The NIEE's Participating Society members are:


Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism