MUSM 7000


Museum Science
Texas Tech University


Enrollment for approved research activities in the area of Museum Science in pursuit of MS program completion. Sections allow enrollment for research in the area of specialization.

(V 1-12)



MUSM 7000-001 (Baker)

MUSM 7000-002 (Campbell)

MUSM 7000-003 (Chatterjee)

MUSM 7000-004 (Dean)

MUSM 7000-005 (Edson)

MUSM 7000-006 (Johnson)

MUSM 7000-007 (Ladkin)

MUSM 7000-008 (Phelan)

MUSM 7000-009 (Briggs)

MUSM 7000-011 (Bradley)

MUSM 7000-013 (Chung)

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