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Dr. Sankar Chatterjee, Curator of Paleontology

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor in Geosciences and Museum Science.

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1977-1978, Smithsonian Institution.

Ph.D. (Geology), 1970, Calcutta University, India.

Predoctoral Fellow, 1967-1968, London University.

Master of Science (Applied Geology), 1964, Jadavpur University, India.

Bachelor of Science (Geology), 1962, Jadavpur University, India.

Dr. Chatterjee's work has focused on the origin, evolution, functional anatomy, and systematics of Mesozoic vertebrates, particularly basal archosaurs, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and birds.  He has done important work on poorly known Late Triassic reptiles in India, including phytosaurs, rhynchosaurs, and prolacertiforms, but he is best known for his work on vertebrates recovered in the 1980s from the Post Quarry in the Late Triassic Cooper Canyon Formation (Dockum Group) of West Texas.  This material includes the large rauisuchian Postosuchus (named for the nearby town of Post), and controversial specimens Chatterjee identified as being avian (Protoavis).  The recognition of these specimens as avian pushes back the origin of birds at least 75 million years.

Dr. Chatterjee continues to participate in Dockum vertebrate paleontology, and takes an active interest in the fieldwork and research being conducted by his students and other workers at Texas Tech.  In recent years, his interests have focused on flying archosaurs.  He has worked on the biomechanics of flight in birds and pterosaurs and cranial kinesis in birds, and has also delved into ontogenetic and evolutionary issues relating to heterochrony in birds.  Dr. Chatterjee is also involved with explorations into the neuroanatomy of these archosaurs.  Larger scale interests involve plate tectonics (his original specialty) and paleobiogeography.  Recently, Dr. Chatterjee proposed the Shiva structure in India as an impact crater of the asteroid that caused the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction.

Supervising the loading of two phytosaur skeletons in India, 1966. With son Shuvo and Shuvosaurus. Coding phylogenetic characters for Polarornis. With Dr. Lawrence Witmer and Anhanguera.

2005 Trip to Lufeng, China.

Dr. Chatterjee, Mr. Pan, and Dr. Wu in Lufeng, China. Dr. Sankar Chatterjee with a new prosauropod. Mr. Pan, Dr. Dong, Mr. Wang, and Dr. Chatterjee in Lufeng, China. Dr. Chatterjee and Dr. Wu with the prosauropod.

Selected Publications

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Roberts, B., R. Lind, and S. Chatterjee. 2011. Flight dynamics of a pterosaur-inspired aircraft utilizing a variable-placement vertical tail. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, 6: doi:10.1088/1748-3182/6/2/026010.

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