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                Bill Mueller, Assistant Curator, Paleontology Division

Assistant Curator, Paleontology Division, MOTTU, 2010 - present.

Museum Collections Photographer, Texas Tech University, 1999 - present.

Ph. D. Graduate Student, Geosciences, Texas Tech University.

Collections Manager, Paleontology Division, MOTTU, 2005 - 2010.

Master of Science (Geology) 1984, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX.

Bachelor of Science (Geology), 1977, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX.

Bill's interest in paleontology has always been varied. Starting when he was seven years old, he amassed an extensive invertebrate collection until over a decade ago, when he started disseminating his collection to various educational institutions. Bill's first serious involvement with vertebrate paleontology was during one spring when he was able to participate in an excavation of titanotheres with Dr. Wann Langston, U.T., in Big Bend National Park. He first collected Triassic vertebrates in Garza County as an undergraduate, and has been collecting from the Dockum ever since. Bill first met Dr. Sankar Chatterjee of MoTTU while on a West Texas Geological Society field trip and later participated in NOVA's filming of a program with Dr. Chatterjee at the Post Quarry.

Bill has been conducting research for the past decade on the smaller vertebrates of the Dockum, such as the procolophonids, drepanosaurids, and trilophosaurids. He is also researching the fauna and taphonomy of vertebrate locality MOTT VPL 3869. This research has lead to the discovery of many scientifically interesting specimens, including partial skulls of a new dicynodont, heterocoelous vertebrae, and several new taxa. Jeff Martz and Bryan Small are currently describing a new species of aetosaur from a locality Emmett Shedd and Bill excavated in 1988, that was also the source for the holotype of Libognathus sheddi Small 1997.

Bill collecting drepanosaurid material at 3898. Bill examining a small phalanx Gretchen Gürtler found. Bill exiting the ravine at MOTT VPL 3901. Bill and Gretchen excavating a dicynodont ilium at MOTT VPL 3869.


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