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The Holy Quran Pursuit

An artist with an obsession for Islamic ornamentation, Arabesque design, and Arabic calligraphy, Marwan Aridi innovated a modern interpretation of the Quran while preserving the integrity of its historical traditions.

art and quranAridi singularly developed a different design for each Sourah, or chapter, of the Quran. Together, these 114 individual designs create an encyclopedia of Islamic decorations and design traditions originating with the Umayyad and continuing to the present, embracing North African, Moorish, Andalusian, Persian, and Turkish influences. Extending this feat, Aridi customized an original Arabic calligraphy typestyle; 114 distinctive typestyles created to pay homage to the headers "In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate" of each Sourah. Aridi meticulously crafted and assembled 78,000 different words for the body of the text.

Over one decade of artistic immersion, Aridi's created 376 unique pages with a natural leather cover embossed and debossed, embellished with 24-carat gold stamping in 3-D finishing.

About the Artist

Marwan Aridi, a Lebanese American artist and calligrapher with world-renowned acclaim, embraced Arabic calligraphy as a lifelong passion. Aridi's immersion in history's path of knowledge and craftsmanship culminated in a singular style reflective of his lifetime devotion. Today, more than 1 million users worldwide enjoy more than 50 celebrated software releases with thousands of art images. His art transcends cultural and historical barriers blending traditional Arabic & Islamic calligraphy in inimitable, creative artistry.

Aridi has exhibited his work in Dubai, London, Paris, Beirut and major U.S. cities. Prominent public, private and global awards authenticate Marwan Aridi's uniqueness, influence, and creative expression.

Artist Talk

2 p.m.
January 19
Helen DeVitt Jones Sculpture Court

International artist Marwan Aridi spent more than a decade developing the artistry and calligraphy of the Quran. In his talk, he will share how he created and manually assembled the unique text and illustrated the design of each Surah, including more than 78,000 words.

Calligrapher John Batrice will also be on hand to write the names of the attendees in Arabic calligraphy. There is no charge for the demonstration.